Kingsbury Lane
    York, Maine  03909

Located on Rt. 91 in York, Maine we have been growing
 hardy perennials in our gardens since 1978. 

Throughout all those years, visitors could wander along woodland paths and through
sunny fields to view and choose from mature perennials for
their own gardens. 
The herb farm is no longer open to the public, but Lucy Clarke is still happy to provide what information she can regarding gardening and related subjects. 

The Wild Iris Herb Farm is the home of Selwyn Silberblatt. Lucinda Clarke has managed the farm since 1979.  The farm is no longer open to the public.  For more information contact Lucinda at (603) 431-8438           Email;  lucy@wildirisherbfarm.com

                                              WILD IRIS HERB FARM  
                     Lucy (603) 431-8438  Email;  lucy@wildirisherbfarm.com